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People have ask what is a pennant and what is a burgee. If you use the word pennant you will not be wrong at any time. The word burgee is only used on split or swallow tail pennants. (Pennants #4, #6, #9, #10, #11, Ventnor, and both Healey pennants could be called a burgee.) If you are using the word burgee for non split tail pennants you are using incorrect terms. So we will use the word pennant for all bow flags.
In the day Century never used the word burgee they used pennant for all bow flags.



Century Pennant #1 1926-1933   

Century Pennant #2 1934-1937  

Century Pennant #3 1938-1939 small  

Century Pennant #4 1938-1939 large

Century Pennant #5 19391/2 -1942 small  

Century Pennant #6 19391/2 -1942 large  

Century Pennant #7 1945-1950   

Century Pennant #8 1946-1954  

Century Pennant #9 1951-1956    

Century Pennant #10 1955-1961  

Century Pennant #11 1957- 1971  

Ventnor Pennant #1 post war  

Healey Pennant #1   

Healey Pennant #2    

Custom Pennants made to order.   


Century Decals 1931-1934   

Century Thunderbolt Decals 1932-1937   

Century Decals 1936-19381/2 small   

Century Seamaid Decals 1936-19381/2   

Century Decals 19381/2-1942 small

Century Decals 19381/2 -1942 large

Century Decals 1946-1950 small

Century Decals 1946-1950 large

Ventnor Decals 1946-1950s