1957 Century Resorter 16" "Mirage"now "Zsa"
Hull # HD5789 Restoration complete, June, 2006

Hull ready to be dismanteled.

New bottom frames installed.

New stem fitted and ready to be installed.

Final fitting of the bottom frames using a fitting jig.

April 2005, frame work completed.

Installing the side planking.

Plugging the hull sides.

Cutting in the lower rabit in the chine.

Sealing the bottom planking with Smith's C.P.E.S.

Bottom ready to have planking installed.

Bottom planking installed the planking being sealed with Smith's C.P.E.S.

Finish trimming of the side planks so the decking can be installed.

Fitting of the bow plate, this must be done before final sanding.

Sealing the decks.

Final sanding done, ready to stain the hull.

Hull stained ready to seal.

Using the laser level to locate the waterline in a perfectly straight line.

Spraying the bilge coat.

Custom made water release decals for registeration numbers.

Installing the new cloth covered wiring harness.

Custom made water release decal for the boat's new name, Zsa.

Finish complete, ready for re-assembly.

Installing the chrome.

Back in the water at the Conneaut Lake Classic Boat Show, June 24, 2006

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