The Restorations and history of a 1942 Century Sea Maid 17' Hull # QQ4242

Restoration Completed 2004

Stanton Lowrie at the wheel of the boat, Summer of 1942. This boat was bought new by our Grandfather and father-in-law Arthur F. Lowie and his brother Stanton. The boat was ordered and purchased from Smith Brothers Gun Shop in New Sewickely Twp., Pa. The boat was delivered in November of 1941 and first saw the water in 1942. With gas use limited during World War II, the boat was not used in 1943, 1944, and 1945. The boat then was used every summer from 1946 through 1969. Over the years the boat was updated to make it look more modern. It was decided to restore the boat to original condition. On this page you can see some of the history and restoration of this fine boat. The boat went back in the water in the summer of 2004 for the first time since 1969.

The boat in Pittsburgh, Spring of 1952.

Around 1955, note the blonde decks. The other boat is a 1948 Seamaid 17.5'.

1956 photo., the boat now has a newer Century name and a stripe was added this matched the Centurys of that era.

Another 1956 photo.

August of 1956 photo. The three people in the photo are Charles L. Miklos, Art Lowrie, and Chuck Miklos. You can see Art and Chuck later on this page in some of the restoration photographs.

August of 1956 photo. This boat, as were many boats of the era, was updated as time went on. The deck was changed to look like an early 50s Century Seamaid with blonde decks, and the boat also has newer Seamaid style vents and seats. The people in the photo are Charles L. Miklos on the boat, Bernard Ditmore Jr. on the dock, Lois Miklos, (now Snyder), in the water and Chuck Miklos cleaning the boat. The dogs name was Sandy.

1960 Photo.

A 1962 photo of the boat being readied for water. Note the deck design was returned to original but the vents and seats are still incorrect for the boat. The decks were also bleached blond and natural mahagony.

A 1966 photo the boat was modernized once again. Vinyl decks were added different vents and interior were added. This was the last modernizing the boat went through. The boat was used like this until 1969, the last time it was last in the water. Again that is Chuck Miklos in the water Art Lowrie Sr is holding the rope.

Art Lowrie and one of his daughters, Mary Miklos in the boat just after being modernized.

A photo of the boat from 1969. This was the last summer that the boat was used, it is the boat on the right. The other boat is a 1952 Century Resorter 18', "Penny Pooh II" Owned at that time by Jim and Lois Snyder.

During restoration Nov 23, 2001 approx. 60 years after original purchase. The boat was bought from Smith Brother's Gun Shop in New Sewickely Twp. Pennsylvania, in November of 1941. This restoration is a combination of Jack Chalmer's, Paul Miklos, Frank Miklos, Bob Miklos, Chuck Miklos, Dennis Lowrie, and the owner Art Lowrie. In the photo you can see Chuck Miklos (now gray) Jack Chalmers, and half of Bob Miklos.

These three photos are from Summer of 2002. The is done and the boat is being readied to be moved to Paul Miklos' Garage to have the original style deck put back on the boat.

The two above photograhps, on land display at the Conneaut Lake Classic Boat Show, June of 2002.

Above and below: At Paul's garage working on transom and various side planks as well as the decking. (4-17-03)

This and the next three the new decking is installed and some sanding is done. (5-18-03)

This and the next four photos: The day that the boat was moved from Paul's garage back to Jack's garage. All of the wood work is done the new lining boards are installed. Plugging of the decks and various planks need to be done. (6-8-03)

All of the wood pluggs are installed and leveled off, the hull is stripped and sanded the bildge has been painted. (7-1-03)

The boat stained and with a few coats of varnish early September, 2003.

The boat on September 25, 2003 with several coats of varnish, and wet sanded for the next coat.

Dennis Lowrie checking out the finish. Dennis has done a number of pieces of brass and steel fabercation. Including some custom clamps and throttle linkage.

October 10, 2003 with a few more coats on the boat.

This and the next 5 photographs were November 1, 2003 at the Allegheny Chapter A.C.B.S. Fall Workshop. Chrome locations were finalized, vent holes were drilled, and throttle linkage hooked up. Here Frank Miklos and Jack Chalmers locate the windshield center bracket.

The workshop crew mill around the nearly finished Sea Maid.

Bob Miklos installing the throttle linkage. Note the wireing is installed and is done just like the original.

Frank Miklos drilling the vent holes with a hole saw.

This and the next three photographs are the boat on display at the 2004 Pittsburgh Boat Show. The boat was not 100% finished but it made a good display.

Hitting the water for the first time, June 25, 2004, since late summer of 1969.

The engine started fine.

Back at the family dock the next morning 06/26/04. The boat was first tied up here early summer of 1942. Three of the four boats at the dock are original Conneaut Lake Boats.

At the Conneaut Lake Classic Boat show 06/26/04. The boat won the best "Antique Inboard" Award and "People's Choice" Award.

June 2005 in the parking lot of the original dealer, Smith Brother's Gun Shop. The business is long gone but the road sign remains. Note the blow up of the sign. This is 63 years and 7 months after the original purchase in November of 1941.

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