The Restorations of a 1968 Century Coronado 21'
Hull # M6854
Restoration Completed July 2015

The boat as delivered to the shop.

The boat did not look bad, but looks are deceiving.

There were several reason that this boat needed a new bottom. The main one is the original bottom was replaced a number of years ago. (8 to 15 years). The bottom that was installed was two layers of 1/4" plywood with fiberglass coating. The plywood was delaminating due to water getting between the layers over the years. When this happens and the water does not come out rot occurs. Due to either freezing (the leading cause of rot in northern boats). Or fungal groth. Never the less the bottom did not last very long. Another problem with this bottom was the battens were removed which took lateral strength from the bottom. This bottom flexed 2 to three times that of a normal bottom.

The boat upside down waiting for the bottom to be removed.

The bottom being 2 layers of plywood with fiberglass coating needed to come off with a saw.

The bottom removed.

Guids to assure that the new transom framing goes in the proper location.


Two new side frames installed.

Many side and bottom frames installed.

Putting the keel jig back in place. It was set up before before the original framework was removed.

Cutting in the frames for the keel, using a precice jig.

Most of the new side battens installed.

The new transom frame-work being installed.

Framework coated with Smith's C.P.E.S.

Working on two Coronados 1968 in the forground and a 1965 in the back.

The transom framework with two battens installed.

Installing the chine... Moved outside for more room.

Still installing chine. Moved back inside.

Installing first side plank.

Installing second plank up on starboard.

Ready for second plank up on Port.

Installing 3rd plank up on port.

Installing 4th plank up in bow... Port.

Installing 4th plank up in bow... Starboard.

Installing 5th plank up in bow...Port.

Five planks up both sides.

Shear plank installed Port, installing shear plank on starboard.

Port planking all installed.

Hull sides plugged and sanded.

Laying out the bottom planking.

Garboard plank installed bow section. (port)

Hull Sanded just about ready to stain.

Staining the hull.

Hull stained and sealed.

Installing rear deck vinyl.

Deck vinyl installed insets setting in place.

Installing vinyl on lining boards.

Lining boards covered sitting in place.

Middle seat covered...

Motor box with padding installed.

Motor box upholstered.








January 29, 2008

2013 Frank G. Miklos

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