The Restorations of a 1965 Century Coronado 21'
Hull # M6599
Frame re-shaping complete June 2007


This boat was restored by some other restoration shop. When the owner had it to Mt Dora in March 2007 he was wondering if the boat was handeling correctly. It was not. The transom frame was replaced and not to the correct shape. What this did was to push the bow down even at slow speeds. At higher speeds the boat was unsafe. The transom lower plank was removed as well as the lower transom frame. A new one was installed to the correct shape and the boat was put back into service. It now handles correctly. Note in this photo how the stern is being lifted even at slow speeds.

The boat at Mt Dora March 2007, it looks great but still has problems.

The board should sit flat on the bottom it does not.

The boat being unloaded from the truck shipping it from Mt. Dora.

Transom plank removed, note the restorer did not bed this plank with any caulking of any type.

The new frame installed. Note this boat was worked on outside due to the shop being full, and that the work was done in a few weeks time.

The new plank installed.

The portion of the bottom that was released re fastened and set in 3M 5200.

The bottom re-painted and just about finished.

The next several photographs are the boat being tested to make sure that it handles correctly and rides at the proper attitude.

Once again loaded on the boat hauler for the ride back to Vermont.

January 13, 2008

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