The Restoration 1964 Century Coronado 21' started 2005

As found spring 2005. This boat is the 26th of the 51 Century Coronados built in 1964. The 1964 is the rarest of all of the Century Coronados. A total of 1744 Wooden Century Coronados were built from 1955-1968.

As picked up in May of 2005.

The boat was cleaned up, the engine which was stuck was freed-up and an attempt to start is was done. The engine did fire and with some tuning ran smoothly. Since the engine started we decided to clean up the boat and see how it floated and ran. This photo of the launching and the next 7 photographs are when the boat was test run early summer 2005. This boat had not been in the water since the 1970s. The boat did not leak much but there were some problems with some of the framework so it was decided to re-set the bottom.

The hardtop on a load of new trailers for the ride home from Michigan.

With the hardtop that was bought in Michigan. The hardtop was off a 63 but will be recovered to be correct for a 1964.

August 3, 2005

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