The Restoration of a 1959 Century Coronado 21'
Restoration started July, 2004

Above and below, the boat as purchased on ebay, 2002. Someone has taken off the stylish white paint. The boat will be returned to is original glory. Click here to see more pre restoration photographs of this boat.

The boat with the hardtop removed making ready for the restoration to begin.

Shaping the new engine stringers.

Cutting in the frame mortices in the bottom of the stringers.

Coating the new engine stringers and plywood supports, with C.P.E.S.

Installing the stringer bolts. These bolts hold the engine stringers to the bottom framework.

The half frames are held to the stringers with large wood screws. Here we are drilling for one of these screws.

The fiberglass aplaque re-installed just to make sure the hull shape, at this point, is correct.

The new transom frame installed with the angle matching the fiberglass aplaque.

Using removed transom planks from another Coronado to make sure the shape of the hull is correct.

Transom framework complete and installed.

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