1958 Century Coronado 21'


Restoration completed Spring 2012

The boat the day it was picked, up from Skip Lewis' engine shop in Cleveland. 10-2008.

The boat at the 1985 Century Boat Club Show in Manistee, Michigan. The boat was not used a year or two after this. It was then let sit out tarped poorly and became a home for animals.

Back at the shop with two other Coronados. Left to right , M5866, M59159, and M58246

The boat gutted, preparing to start work on hull.

This boat had 450 original hours on the original Interceptor engine. The owner has opted for a new engien.

Extensive rot in the engine bed stringers.

The mass of parts as a boat comes apart.

The landau top before restoration.

Establising transom location with new battens before the framework has been moved.

Using old planks to shape the top of new shear strake. This will assure the proper location for the new covering boards.

Installing cross bracing to hold the hulls shape.

Center string line to find center of hull. Each frame station is checked to see if the hull is correct.

After making sure each frame is centered, angled bracing is added to assure the boat stays inline.

All hull side battens are installed some new frames also installed.

Transom planking removed, hull battens trimed to proper angle.

The boat rolled over.

Re-establishing the original white scheme for the hull sides...

Taped off to see if it looks correct...

Hull stained with sealer...

Trying the hardtop on the boat...

Rebuilding the front seat...

Installing the engine new engine!

Test running the engine new engine, not much hardware or hardtop.

Using a laser to locate the waterline.



Still test running.

Dashboard with some gauges set in...

Working on middle seat back...

Middle seat back upholstered just sitting on seat frame...

Dashboard cowl... upholstered...

Rear side of front seat back...

Front seat backs installed on seat backs only not on the frame...

Rear seat upholstered

Middle seat bottom covered.

Fitting new lingin boards.

Beginnings of the new motorbox.

New lining boards & motorbox panels painted. Lining boards ready to be covered...

new motor box corners being made.

Hardtop work...

new tacking strip.

new lenoleum flooring.

sewing new headliner for hardtop.

Seat frames all rebuilt.

Installing headliner

headliner installed.

Installing steering column.

new steppads installed.

Covering front deck.

Striping the rear deck.

Hardtop canvas sub layer.

hardtop fiberglass padding.

outer covering on hardtop.

Hull number re-stamped in the hull.

Front seat covered.

Working on the middle seat.

Kapok filled cushions, match the originals.


Rear seat installed with cushions..

Interior installed.


Polishing windshield. Original to boat.

New wiring with new engine.. (modern fuses) No reason to worry about authentic buss style fuses.

Rear deck screen installed (great look).

Bending new aluminum trim for the hardtop.. Matches original .

Hardtop almost finished. New aluminum trim.

Windshield ready to go.

Polishing plexiglass canopy.

Some of the well over 10K worth of chrome.

Hardtop finished.

Rear seat with logo installed.

Launch day .. 2 boats tested the same day.

Two happy owners.

Ready to lift in...

Going in for the first time since the mid 1980s..

Wet and ready.

Out on the lake.

Back from the first ride...

Back at the shop waiting to be delivered to Georgia.

In the water one more time here in PA for the 2012 Conneaut Lake Classic Boat Show.

The new owner at the wheel.

Boat in Georgia.

In the water in Georgia.

Click on the photo . Forsale in 2019.

Here are some photos when Skip found the boat in Cincinatti 4-17-2005.

Loading on to the trailer... Had been sitting on blocks for many years...

Moved out on hard surface and moved further ahead on the trailer.

Took to the car wash to clean it up a little..

Took it past the Antique Boat Center to show Lou the wonderful piece leaving his area..

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