1958 Century Coronado 21'


Restoration started February 2009

Leaving Larry Shreeve's boat house for the last time. Larry's boat house is on Chandos lake near Apsley, Ontario, Canada. 9-2008.

Under it's own power for a while, we were just checking to see if the boat was pumping water and since it seemed a little loud. When all the sudden the exhaust sound got much louder. (The rubber exhaust hose burned through. (This was within 1/2 mile of Larry's boat house. In this photo Bob is holding his hand over the exhaust pipe to prevent water from coming in the pipe. We had a safety boat following us since the boat had not been run for two to three years.

Back at the shop with two other Coronados. Left to right , M5866, M59159, and M58246

The transom of this boat was in very bad condition, the rest of the boat is not too bad.

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