1957 Century Coronado

Hull # M57104 Restoration completed 1982

The boat as it was found, it is sitting on a Century shipping cradel, but as can be seen it is not sitting in the correct position. Also it is not a Coronado cradel.

A bad plank and section of chine removed. Here the new section of chine is installed with a scarf splice.

The second plank down on the transom was replaced at this time there had been a hole poked in it and it was repaired poorly.


In the water at speed. This boat had a replacement engine that was installed in the late 1960s The replacement engine was a 427 Crusader marine engine. The original engine was a 275 hp Cadillac Crusader engine.

After initial use the boat was run aground. A number of planks were replaced and while the transom was open a new lamanated frame was installed.

The lower transom frame was removed and replaced.

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