1960 Century Coronado M60104.

The boat at the Century factory. This boat was built with a unique hardtop. The reason is unknown but it was designed by Richard Arbib. The below rendering is his concept drawing.

Upper two photographs, the boat as we found her, August 2003. Note the size of the trees.

A look at the interior.

Some of the trees have been cut down so the boat could be worked on and removed from the site.

A clear look at the bow and how it was sitting.

A look forward, note the twist to the hull.

The NH numbers. The boat was last registered in 1976.

The transom, still in position.

The hull sides are strapped up into rough position. Note the front has been set down on the ground. Note this is two photographs, there were too many trees around the boat to see it from any distance.

Some of the bracing that we had to install to get the boat home. Straps alone, were not enough.

The morning after we arrived home.

The boat and its unique hardtop.

A plaque that a pervious owner , George H. Waring, had on the boat. George died in the mid 1990s. We talked to his widow and she said that they used the boat on Newfound Lake in NH. It was also used on a river that connected to the Atlantic Ocean. They bought the boat used at Calahan's Boat Yard at Weirs Beach, NH. This is on Lake Winnepsakee, NH. They traded in a Century Palomino in on the Coronado.

Here is what the boat will look like when finished. (top closed)

Here is what the boat will look like when finished. (top opened)

Here is what the boat will look like running.

Click here to see some photographs of the boat from the past 10 years.

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