1960 Chris Craft Continental 18'

Restoration completed 1995.

We have done a few boats using the W.E.S.T System. This is one of them. In the past we did a few bottoms using this system. We don't like it and feel that a 5200 bottom is a much better bottom. So this was our last W.E.S.T. bottom.

In 1991 the boat before restoration. The bottom leaked, and was coming loose. The last staining job was more like paint with varnish over it. But the owner had the interior done first. That is what he saw.

By 1993 the bottom leaks got so bad. The boat almost sunk twice that season.

This is from a damage slide but its the only photo we have with the bottom off of the boat.

The bottom re-installed and sealed.

The bottom painted copper bronze.

Machine sanding the decks. (The final sanding is done by hand)

Bleaching the blonde area of the deck.

Fresh varnish on the hull side.

Re-installing the cockpit roll on the finished boat.

The finished boat underway.

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