1960 Century Arabian 19'

Hull # Q6053

This boat is hull four of sixteen Arabians built in 1960. Actually a very similar Arabian was built in 1961 A total for the two years was 26 boats.

A photo from the mid 1970s the boat had been painted black with natural varnished decks and a red feature stripe.

The boat as found in a garage.

The day the boat was brought home. The boat did not look too bad but there was rot in the rear deck. The complete upper back half of the boat would have to be rebuilt.

Installing the new deck wood.

The Arabian with two coats of C.P.E.S on the deck to seal the new wood.

The boat is painted white as original.

The turquoise feature stripe adds life to the Arabian. The boat is heading to the lake and is not yet finished.

The turquoise feature stripe adds life to the Arabian. The boat was assembeled at the lake. We needed the boat for the Conneaut lake Classic Boat Show, Saturday July 25,1997. This photo was taken on Monday

Launch Day July 22, 1997, three days to finish and work the buggs out.

Coming into the docks at the Conneaut Lake Classic Show. A little late but the boat made it. It still has some buggs to work out.

Under way fall of 1997.

At the Century Boat Club Show in Manistee, Michigan. The boat sits in a slip just across the river from where it was built.

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