The Restoration a 1955 Century Coronado 20'

Hull # M55193

Restoration Started September 2012.

This and next three photos from Craigslist Summer 2012.

The boat was brought by the new owner to our place at Conneaut Lake on a borrowed trailer. The easiest way to put it on our Coronado's trailer was to put it in the water. We also took it out for a very short ride with the new owner. (no lights and after sun-down.) Note the previous onwner added the windows in the side of the top not factory.

Note the white scheme had been changed due to damage of the shear plank. We will be going back to the original white layout. Note we need the bent chrome for the back half of this boat . It is the chrome that seperates the white and varnished area of the boat.

Breakdown started.

Getting ready to roll over. Easy job thanks to the members of the Allegheny Chapter A.C.B.S.

Cutwater repaired before being sent to be chrome plated.

Chrome hold down piece for foldingtop flap being repaired.

Fixed and ready for chrome plating.

Upside down bottom removal starting. We remove each screw. Patterns saved some shops cut planking off which makes taking apart faster but rebuilding is much slower without good patterns.

Previous repairs to keel.

Starting to replace frames.

Jigs to make chine cuts to match original exactly. No guess work...

Fit of new frames to old chines. New chines will drop righ into place.

Some of the new frames installed.

More frames installed. Hull is now being stripped.

Most of the new bottom frames are installed.

All of the new bottom frames are installed.

New shaft hole drilled.

Port bottom planking installed

All bottom planking installed and seams filled with 3M 5200.

Sealing the bottom with Smiths C.P.E.S.

The bottom is sealed with Smiths C.P.E.S.

The bottom is sealed with Smiths C.P.E.S.

Bottom primed with barrier coat and the boat now rolled upright.

The boat now rolled upright.

Initial hull sanding.

Hull sanded last of the planking installed.

Hull stained and sealed. Also original design re-established on starboard side.

Re-establishing the original hull paint design on port side.

The original hull paint design on port side.

The original factory hull paint design on the transom.

2013 Frank G. Miklos

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