The Restorations of a 1948 Century Sea Maid 17.5'
Hull # 48Q55

The boat the day it was picked up.

Rear deck with incorrect design (repairs done by a local marina after a 1970s fire).

Removing bottom planking.

New stem installed but not finished.

New stem, forfoot, keel, chines, and battens installed. Hull side planks temporarely reinstalled.

Bottom completed, hull sides removed for additional frame replacement.

Installing new deck planking.

Wood work complete on hull, in forground the discarded wood from the hull.

Hull with two coats of varnish.

The boat complete ready for water.

The boat being launched for the first time in over 15 years. The photograph makes it look like it is completely dark, it is actually around dusk.

The original bottom planking was reused, for the most part. It was set in 3M 5200. This boat was put in the water without swelling and no bildge pump. It took on about three gallons of water in 48 hrs. Most of this was from the shaft and rudder packing.

The Seamaid at speed.

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