The Restorations of a 1951 Century Seamaid 18'

Hull # Q5169

Photographs from 1966 when we bought refinished the decks and transom, and sold this boat. There were 40 1951 Century Seamaid 18' hull #s Q5150 - Q5189. This boat is the 30th one built Hull Q5169. It was bought new from Greggs Boat Sales in Pittsburgh, PA. Watch soon we will have a photo of this boat in Greggs Showroom. Dad told an old employee of Greggs that we owned this again. He said that he had a photo of this boat in his showroom. It will be posted here soon.

The rest of the photographs are of this boat as found in a garage in the fall of 2003.

Pick up day.

On the way home

Arrived home late night on November 21, 2003



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